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P.T.M.T and PVC Taps

P.T.M.T and PVC Taps

You’ll be blown away by the beauty and design of our PTMT Faucets, especially when you see their finish. Their colours could leave you confused as to whether you are looking at poly tetramethylene terephthalate (PTMT), or ivory, or some other material. They up the style quotient in any bathroom they are used.

Bib Cock

with Flange, Rs. 130/-


2in1, Rs. 350/-

Sink Cock

with Flange, Rs. 165/-

Bib Cock Long Body

with Flange, Rs. 175/-

PVC Ball Cock Body

15mm, Rs. 95/-

Bib Cock Long

Body with Flange, Rs. 85/

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